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  • Janet Tibble, BWY Dip

    I was first introduced to yoga as a child as my dad did yoga in the 50s and 60s and I would sit with him and mirror the poses.

    Over the years I have enjoyed a whole variety of exercises classes and it was about 15 years ago that I came back to yoga. For me it was a poignant reawakening knowing how pleased my father would have been to think that I now share the great passion he had for yoga.

    Once I returned to yoga I wanted to learn more and signed up the year-long foundation course. The more you know about yoga the more you realise there is to learn, which led me to the teacher training course. The three-year course is delivered by the British Wheel of Yoga, which is the official governing body for yoga in the UK.

    I have been teaching now for nine years and since retiring from my job as a journalist four years ago I have been able to dedicate more time to yoga teaching and study.