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  • I do yoga because it improves my flexibility and strengthens the muscles. Thank you so much for the lovely lessons you give us.

    Elisabetta T

  • I do yoga to be more flexible, but more so because I'm very hyper and "up and down" which affects my relationships with everyone. Yoga has made me more calm and stable and my relationships are now much better. I calm my breathing and the rest follows.

    Ailie P

  • Yoga has made me more flexible, broadened my friendship group and given me an enjoyable evening of gentle(ish) exercise to counteract a busy life, but what I think it really gives me is balance. Not because of dancer or tree, or any other yoga pose, but balance to my life. It makes me realise that you can't look back, you can't necessarily do everything in a day, but you should reflect on what you can do and be content with that. I guess it's the yin and yang - the perfect antidote to life's stresses and strains.

    Julie W

  • Yoga has given me the awareness to look after myself both physically and emotionally. It has also given me a whole new attitude to life and other people - be it healthy eating, finding time to relax or getting plenty of sleep. Having two young children can be very tiring, but my yoga practice means everything to me. It helps me cope with all the challenges life throws at me. The only downside is that not all our family or friends can relate to it, but I suppose that is a challenge in itself!

    Sandra B

  • I wanted to let you know that after all that lovely deep breathing this morning, when I got home my blood pressure had dropped to 112/62, the lowest it's been for ages.

    Jackie W

  • I have really found the breathing exercises beneficial over past couple of weeks and they have helped me to sleep better.

    Jacquie C

  • My yoga class is a time when I can forget any troubles. I can concentrate on relaxing and it also helps to get rid of aches and pains. I don't have a troubled life by any means but there are always niggles for anybody. Although a complete beginner I am enjoying the experience very much. They say that a trouble shared is a trouble halved, but to be able to put it out of your mind altogether with yoga is even better.

    Lesley M

  • For me yoga is a portion of my time to enhance my life, especially my body and my mind, which in turn enriches my life and enables me to be more chilled, patient and forgiving. This time helps me believe that I have control in my life and that I can change the things that burden me. It's helped me come out of the dark and into the light and for that I am truly grateful.


  • Yoga is a time to reflect on how the body can be strengthened by gentle but testing movement and stretches. It makes the mind reflect on all parts of the body to ensure it works in harmony. I am enjoying the yoga, although I have some limitations!!

    Linda VDH

  • After two years of yoga I've noticed how much my lower back problems have improved and I am definitely more flexible. I suffer from fibromyalgia - some weeks it's hard, but mostly I am fine so feel it's helped that too. Yoga is perfect for relaxing and forgetting about stress.

    Cheryl H

  • I was unable to come to class one week and it made me realise how much I would miss not having my yoga to look forward to each week. There's always such a good atmosphere and I think we all look forward to seeing each other too. The classes are a joy to attend.

    Linda S

  • For me, as well as the usual yoga benefits of relaxation and flexibility, it is the improved posture and strengthening in my shoulders that I notice. Also the breathing techniques are so helpful in day-to-day situations.

    June E

  • I discovered yoga eight years ago when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis of the spine and hips. Research told me that it would be beneficial to me. I had lost nearly two inches in height and I was dismayed about that because I was only 5ft 1in tall! Yoga has taught me to completely relax, helped my balance and made me more supple. More importantly, I have regained my height. I always look forward to my weekly lesson as it leaves me feeling relaxed, calm and happy.

    Catherine P

  • My daughter and I both have health issues, which can be debilitating, but we find yoga extremely helpful, both in finding ways to exercise comfortably, as well as calming the mind in times of stress. Thank you for your help and advice.

    Christine W

  • Taking up yoga a year ago has considerably changed my overall wellbeing. Physically I feel stronger, fitter, more flexible and some of my aches and pains have gone completely. I also noticed the benefit of yoga in my tennis. My game has improved by applying the yoga breathing techniques making the different tennis strokes smoother and allowing me to stay calmer in match situations. It is never too late to take up yoga.

    Beatrice D

  • I started yoga classes because I thought it would be gentle exercise but it has proved to be much more; I have really benefited from the breathing exercises and have noticed my improved strength, especially doing planks!

    Pauline G

  • Aside from having time to do something that is just for me, yoga makes me feel strong physically and mentally. When I can't come I feel like there is something missing in my week and my back starts to seize up! Thanks for your brilliant classes, I enjoy them so much.

    Andrea W

  • When doing yoga I enjoy time to concentrate on me alone, to stretch and use muscles that I ordinarily don't use, to strengthen joints that have been weakened due to broken bones and massage the inner organs that I wouldn't normally think about. In short, to appreciate the body I take for granted.

    Denise C

  • I am delighted to say that my frozen shoulder is less painful and I have more movement there. Although I always vow to do yoga at home each week I have not managed that yet, but have found myself doing flexibility exercises while watching TV or as a passenger in the car, so I guess I am going in the right direction. Finally, I really look forward to your weekly email message and appreciate your thoughts on our wellbeing through yoga.

    Janice C

  • I think one of the most important aspects of the yoga class is that it prompts me to actually think of stretching and flexing my body in ways that would not otherwise occur to me and then to realise that it is an experience that can really be enjoyable because it takes place in a completely non-competitive, non-threatening environment. Yoga classes have encouraged me not to be afraid of my body and to be prepared to push myself a little bit further, simply because there is no compulsion to do so.

    Linda H

  • I know my mind and body have benefited lots from yoga. I'm fitter and more flexible then people younger than me. I also enjoy the relaxation and meditation sessions as this has a calming effect on my mind too.

    Sandy W

  • Firstly, I really like the breathing exercises, I do try and do them at home at bedtime and find them really calming. I like ANY balancing pose and twists. I feel the more I learn at your classes I can remember snippets and do them at home.

    Sue B

  • As well as enjoying the classes, yoga helps to keep me fit in mind and body, and gives me time out to just relax.

    Sue G